Deep Creek Distilling Ghost Whiskey



2022 Silver Medal – Micro Liquor Spirit Awards; 2022 Bronze Medal – American Distilling Institute Spirit Awards; 2022 Bronze Medal – New York International Spirit Awards (91 out of 100 pts) – Largest competition in the U.S. – Our Deep Creek Distilling Ghost whiskey is the same product that we age in  new oak barrels to make our bourbon. This spirit is made from the same bourbon mash recipe and minimally aged in a new oak barrel. Because we use a large volume of grains to water, the consumer can savor the sweetness of the corn, the spicy, rich rye notes and the “freshly baked bread” smell that the wheat produces.

Even at a higher proof than many of our competitors, it does not overwhelm the palate and goes down extremely smooth. Deep Creek Distilling Ghost Whiskey can be mixed with cocktails like most other bourbons or consumed neat. It is offered in a 750 ml bottle at 92 proof. Now enjoy $14 Flat-Rate Shipping up to 12 bottles (mix & match).


Exceptionally unique and incredibly smooth Whiskey with infused character from sweetness of the grain.

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Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 11.0 in


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